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Klingan12 Moderator Application :D

Thread starter #1
How old are you? im 13
Your name in the game ?: my ign is XxkevelitoxX
Your name in truly unit ?:Kevin
What time zone are you in? 22.31
Which country do you live in? sweden
What languages do you speak?english swedish
Why do you think you would be a mod? beacuse im a nice guy and want to spend much time on this very good server beacuse i love to be on server and help pepole that need help im a really good mod i love multipvp and i dont talk rubish im a nice guy that wold love to be mod on this lovely server <3 sorry beacuse that i dont write that much but pls give 1 change
How long can you be active on the server every day? 3-6 hours
How long have you played MultiPvP? 1.5 years
Have you ever been banned in the past? yes i have but im so sorry about that
Do you have any previous experience as a moderator?Unfortunately..No, This is my first time being a mod ( if I'm accepted) and I'm
ready to take the challenge as I would learn alot of things from this experience.

Which two servers would you like to be on the Mod? (Recommended pick the two servers you play the most) kitpvp factions