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Löst Leaving.

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1. Your game title: DiSKillinq.
2. What servers you were Mod on : All Servers, Head-Mod.
3. I am aware that my courage will disappear: I am very aware.
4. Explanation on why I'm resigning: Sorry everyone, I'm fed up of people ignoring me, disrespecting me when I warn them or ban them, I just can't do it anymore, Philip ignores me constantly, parts of the server isn't modified correctly with moderator permissions, I'm done with this server it's not done properly on the moderator perms etc, when I know this is fixed I may possibly rejoin, may not as it's annoying, it's like, kitpvp is the only server where all the moderator permissions are done correctly, the prison server isn't even finished yet... I'm done with the server, sorry everyone I'm letting down.

Good Bye MultiPvP.

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