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Reason for me resigning.

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Hello guys.

As many of you know, I'm resigning from the rank Head-Mod, I'm finding moderating the server boring now, I'm not getting challenged enough to help the server the best I can, I'm resigning from the glitches, missing rank etc, I have asked Philip many times to let me fix the server spawns etc, but it's not happened, I feel as if I'm ignored on the server, people keep begging me for stuff etc, it's getting annoying, whom who beg me for gear either died to a hacker while I'm offline and it's "my fault" for not banning them when he/she say "Ban [player name] he's hacking!" I don't ban without valid evidence, according to the community, if someone says "ban this hacker" we have too, some of the players applying for mod are just unpopular on the server and want to receive the mod tag to get known, have a bigger team, make more money, I find this wrong, I've seen 3-4 mods do it in the past, everyone keeps asking me for "team" As I am a mod, I feel like mods are paranoid by the servers community, yes the server is fun, but it's also broken, I'm willing to still help fix it, but not moderate anymore.

Head-Mod glitch that bugs me.
If you're Head-Mod and you feel the wish to go and PvP you can't if you're being 4v1'd or 3v1'd and can't handle it, say you're on 2 hearts, you spam your enderpearls to run, but you die from it, Head-Mods take enderpearl damage on KitPvP.
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